Website Translation and Localization

Expanding into new markets has become easier than ever before. As a powerful tool of your marketing campaign, website localization means increasing sales, boosting SEO and ensuring strong competitive advantage. Multiligual websites have become a standard for international companies and if your target customers speak foreign languages, website translation and localization is a must.

In 2013 out of 2.5 billion Internet users only 27% of speak English. For website content the most popular languages are:   English 54.9%,    Russian: 6.1%,   German 5.3%,    Spanish 4.8%,   Chinese 4.4%,    and French 4.3%.

Looking ahead, out of the next billion Internet users, most will live in Eastern Europe and Asia. If you are planning to create a new website with localized versions, we will be happy to assist you. We provide website translation into Russian, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Our professional in-house linguists will bring together all the elements of website translation to localize your website to the country you are targeting.

We provide translation and localization of websites for the following industries:

  •     Travel and  Hospitality
  •     Automotive
  •     Retail
  •     Enterprise Technology
  •     Web Services/ eCommerce
  •     Financial Services
  •     Professional Services

How website localization works:

  1. Site analyses: We will ask you to submit the site source files, existing glossary (if you have it), preferrable keywords and provide access to your CMS (Content Management System)
  2. Content Extraction and Translation: We extract the content of your website,  and perform translation and editing using specialized CAD tools which ensure high quality consistent translation.
  3. In-Context Review and Proofreading: We integrate the translation for in-content review,  proofreading and localizing by a linguist for whom the target language is their mother tonque.
  4. Graphic and  Multimedia Elements Translation: we will translate all content used in images and multimedia.
  5. Meta tags translation: basic SEO will be provided based on your choice of keywords 
  6. IT specialist Review and Testing: Our IT specialist will test all website elements for errors in formatting, layout, bugs etc.
  7. Client review: You will check all files in your Client’s portal when they are ready for publishing

Our website localization service includes:

  • Professional project management
  • Translation, proofreading, and localization by native speaking translators
  • Review by our IT specialist
  • Free usage of TMS (Translation Management System) and our Client’s portal
  • Creation of a free glossary for your future translation projects

Every one of our website translation and localization projects is covered by the Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee of a Canadian company.

Every website translation and localization project is unique, so please contact us for a free quote>>