Every translation project is unique and its costs depend on:

  • Languages involved
  • Specialization (theme of your text)
  • Word quantity

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Depending on your requirement, additional surcharges may apply:

  • Urgency:

Usually a translation team can translate about 10 000 words of text per day (general specialization). A 50% surcharge applies for urgent projects.

  • Complex format editing:

If a text should be delivered in a format other than Microsoft Word or text plain format,  an editing surcharge may apply as follows (per word):

HTML coding $0.02
Corel Draw $0.05
Photoshop $0.05
Acrobat PDF $0.05
AutoCAD* $0.07
Powerpoint $0.01
Excel $0.01
Databases $0.03

*minimum charge for translation of a drawing is $25