Technical Translations

Engineers, architects, and designers create technical drawings which often have to be translated into one or several languages. CAD translation is a challenging task which requires excellent knowldge of the source and target languages, proficiency with the specific engineeing field, and strong experience in working in AutoCad.

Who Translates Technical Drawings?

To enusre accurate translation of AutoCad drawings, translation of technical drawings is provided by a team of translators and proofreader, designer, and often consulting engineers who check the translated drawing for correctness and consistency.

One of the specialties of Online Translation Service is the translation of technical drawings.  

How Do We Translate Techincal Drawings?

We use innovative solutions for translating AutoCad drawings which involves the automatic extraction of text from drawings and their translation and localization into foreign languages, followed by editing the drawings in their original format. This allows our clients to receive improved translation quality, fast turnaround, and reduced costs.

What resources are Required for an Accurate Technical Translation?

To keep translations consistent with the previous works, we ask our clients to proivde glossaries of technical terms used in the translations. If you can not provide glossaries, we can create them for you.

Every translation project is unique and might require additional clarification. We also ask  our clients to assign a contact person who would be available for providing additional explanations on the subject, for example to explain proprietary acronyms and abbreviations.

How Quickly Are Technical Translations Processed?

Usually a skilled technical translator can process 1500- 3000 words of technical text per day. Proofreading and consulting can add about 30% to this time. For urgent projects we can assign several teams of translators & proofreaders, but remember that every translator can have a slightly different style, and translations might have some stylistic differences. After translation activity is completed a proofreader checks the projects to eliminate discrepancies in terminology and style.