Business, Court and Medical Interpreting

Interpreting is the vocal translation of a spoken conversation

At Online Transaltion Service we provde you with interprertation solutions for both in-person and conference calling. All of our interpreters are certified to interpret in one of the languages and are native speakers in the other.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for business meetings, conferences, seminars, and telephone conversations with your partners all over the world.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is provided at the same time as you speak. This is considered to be the most difficult way of interpretation as it requires maximum focus from an interpreter. It lets you speak without any pauses and is least disruptive to the speaker. Simultaneous interpretation is used during UN sessions and it requires highly trained specialists. This method of interpreting is the most expensive.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpretation requires a speaker to pause at the end of the sentence so that their idea can be interptreted to the target lanaguage in the first person. Consecutive interpretation is most widely in used during business meetings, seminars, in court sessions, excursions, and social gatherings. In comparison with simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation can be performed by many more specialists and is thus more affordable.

To ensure the highest quality of interpretation we will request a text of your speach so that our interpreter could study it in advance. For interpretation of conference calls, please provide information on the time and date of the call, both telephone numbers, and the field of interpretation.