Text Translation Services and Localization

The objective of every translation project is to deliver a language solution to fit the style of publication and the audience it targets. The difference between a simple language conversion and complete language localization is that it lets you keep your message while reaching a target market.

What We Do:

Online Translation service provides translation and localization services for the following types of documents:

  • Marketing and advertising materials

  • Public relations materials

  • Magazine and newspaper articles

  • Sales materials

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Legal Documents Translation

Legal documents are valid only in the country which issued them. To use your legal documents in other countries, you need translated copies of legal documents, which in some cases also need to be authenticated. Wording for legal translations has to be exact and must have no ambiguity. Translators should have thorough knowledge of legal terminology and also have an understanding of common law and civil law legal systems.

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Translation of Technical Drawings

Engineers, architects, and designers create technical drawings which often have to be translated into one or several languages. CAD translation is a challenging task which requires excellent knowldge of the source and target languages, proficiency with the specific engineeing field, and strong experience in working in AutoCad.

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Interpreting is the vocal translation of a spoken conversation.

At Online Transaltion Service we provde you with interprertation solutions for both in-person and conference calling. All of our interpreters are certified to interpret in one of the languages and are native speakers in the other.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for business meetings, conferences, seminars, and telephone conversations with your partners all over the world.

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Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio and Video conferencing with interpretation is growing rapidly all over the world as it accelerates international business collaboration, increases porductivity and lets reduce travel costs.The world is getting flatter and to benefit from increase in globalization and workforce distribution consdier whether Online Translation Service video conferencing solutions are right for you.

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