Professional Translation Service: a Look from the Inside

If you’re not very familiar with the translation industry, you might be surprised by the number of steps it takes to produce a document translation. You might also be surprised by the number of people required to create that great-looking, well-written translation. In fact, translating even the simplest documents usually involves an entire team of people who must work closely together towards the same goal. And of course, the more complicated the document, the more complicated the project! Here are the 7 basic steps to document translation:

7 Tips on How to Choose a Translation Service

In today’s highly globalized world, most companies can no longer afford to ‘speak’ only one language.  Whether it’s sourcing more efficient suppliers or conquering new markets, you’ve decided that in order to meet the objectives you’ve set for your company, you need professional language services. But you don’t know the first thing about translation. Where should you start? You could try looking up ‘translation’ in your local yellow pages, or typing “translation Canada” in your favorite search engine. This might turn up hundreds (if not thousands) of different companies providing translations services in Canada. How do you choose among them? 

Language Solutions in Vancouver

Immigration in Vancouver  has been the main driver of population growth in the last two decades. Immigrants from all over the globe are attracted to the city’s economic vitality and high living standards. Vancouver is therefore an incredibly multi-cultural, multi-lingual place. While English and French are the two official languages in Canada, the linguistic landscape extends far beyond those two languages. Indeed, the most recent census figures show that more than half of Vancouverites did not speak English as their first language.

Internet in Russia

In 2009, Russia counted some 40.9 million internet users. Within two years Russia had added more than 10 million more, bringing the total to 53 million and surpassing Germany to become the largest internet market in Europe. Growth in the past year alone has been a strong 14%. Broadband penetration in Russia is estimated at 60 million this year, and will reach 93 million by next year. Despite these impressive figures, there is still considerable room for growth, particularly outside of the metropolitan centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Ukrainian Translations for Euro 2012

The excitement is growing as the kick-off of the UEFA Euro 2012 approaches. In only 6 days, teams from 16 countries and fans from all over the world will converge in Ukraine and Poland for 24 glorious days of soccer. The 31 matches will take place in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk (Ukraine) and in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw (Poland) but will certainly be followed by avid fans in countless other cities. The staging of final competitions in Ukraine and Poland are a first for Central and Eastern Europe, and the historic nature of the event is reflected in the competition slogan: Creating History Together – translated into Ukrainian as Творимо історію разом, and translated into Polish as Razem tworzymy przyszłość.

Slavic Translations

It can be immensely frustrating when a lack of knowledge about a language becomes a major hindrance to verbal and written communication. Slavic languages like Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian, to name a few, need to be translated to English or some other language for the non-Slavic populace to understand it. An interpreter or translator may not always be at hand and online translation services are the most effective and useful way to bridge the knowledge gap.

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