The 7 Questions a Project Manager Should Ask About Your Translation Project

An experienced project manager (PM) will have a number of questions to ask about your translation project. The types of questions a project manager asks can provide good indication of his or her experience, since the PM uses these questions to understand your needs, deliver a better product and prevent potential problems. Here are the seven basic questions that a project manager should ask for every translation project.


Computer-Assisted Translation: Comparing Tools


The time when a translator needed only a stack of dictionaries in order to translate are long past. Today, translators rely on a variety of computer tools to help improve efficiency, increase output, and guarantee quality. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software is just one specific tool in the translator’s toolbox. A range of CAT software is available on the market. How do the tools stack up? Below you’ll find a table comparing the main features of seven of the most popular CAT tools.

An Introduction to Translation Memory

If you’ve worked with a translation agency or have used professional translation services before, you may already be familiar with translation memory. Translation memory (TM) is a linguistic database that stores past translations for future use. Translation memory software is a powerful tool that can save companies both time and money. Read our post to learn what translation memory is, how translation memory works, and how translation memory can help your business.

How to translate a Tweet: Microblogging in every language messages

Microblogging has fast become an important tool for communications. Microblogs are exactly what they sound like: brief messages that are updated frequently and published instantaneously, like a blog (but shorter). Messages typically consist of written content, but can also contain images, or video links. The type of content that you can find on these microblogs is as varied as their users: an inane remark from a rising starlet, incisive commentary from a political pundit, or an announcement about a sales promotion.

English Language Learning as Key Factor in Successful Immigration

Immigrants come to Canada for different reasons – economic opportunity, high living standards, first rate education, and much more. But they are all united in their hope of making their new life in the country a success. That success depends a great deal on knowing the English language, one of Canada’s two official languages. For immigrants who arrive in Canada without English-language skills, learning the local language is therefore essential. Failing to acquire English-language skills can have negative consequences.

4 Important Factors to Consider in Document Translation besides Price

During times of economic stress, companies must be vigilant about spending in order to survive. Even businesses with healthy revenues are keen to keep costs down. In the quest for savings, some companies may be tempted by low prices for document translation. But buyer beware! Getting a good deal doesn’t necessarily mean paying the lowest price. In fact, price should only be one of several factors to consider. Here are 4 other important factors to consider for your document translations:

Document Recycling

Why using automatic translation for your website is a bad idea

Of the myriad challenges that await companies expanding abroad, language is unlikely to be the most difficult. Nevertheless, companies can easily stumble at the relatively low hurdle of language. For example, to save time and money, some companies may make the mistake of using automatic translators such as Google Translate or Bing Translator to translate their corporate website. But using free translation software is a false economy, and just simply a bad idea. We’ll explain why. 

Why Subtitling Isn’t Just for Movies

Excitement is building as the Oscars awards night nears. The films nominated for the best foreign language film bring attention to a form of translation that hides in plain sight: subtitling. Subtitles, which usually appear at the bottom of the screen, are synchronized translations of speech and text. Without subtitles, Academy Members this year would have had to speak French, Norwegian, Spanish, and Danish – let alone the many languages of the other foreign language submissions – in order to vote!


Few products are manufactured today without consideration of an international market. Developers of software – whether we’re talking about ordinary word processing software or the latest MMOG know that reaching consumer internationally is important to the financial success of the products they design. To prepare their products for the international market, they turn to internationalization. Not familiar with internationalization? Not to fear! This post will define internationalization and how it works.


Starting 2013 on the Right Foot

Happy 2013! The arrival of the New Year heralds new beginnings and new projects. New Year’s resolutions are often about improvement – eating healthier, getting more exercise, spending more time with family. But resolutions don’t just have to be about eating your vegetables. The New Year is also a great time for looking at how you can expand your business, and especially at how you manage your translation projects. Start 2013 – and your language projects – on the right foot by following these 3 easy tips.


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