How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Most businesses today have at least some sort of web presence. For the vast majority, that means having a corporate or company website. These websites are a great way for the company to connect with its clients and partners. But how do you keep the conversation going? How do you keep them coming back?  Frequent updates and new content encourages visitors to return to your website. There are a few ways you can do this.


Why is it important to keep website content fresh?

Your company’s website has been designed and built and it’s live. It looks fantastic. You’re done, right? No! Your website shouldn't be just an online version of a business card. The point of a website is to attract new customers and keep engaging your existing ones.

First, updates help search engines to find you. Search engines want to return the most useful results to internet users. To do this, search engines use highly sophisticated algorithms that track how much and how often content on your website changes. If your website just sits there gathering internet dust, your search engine rankings will fall. (Interested in ways to improve your ranking in search engines in other languages?  Read our two-part blog post about optimizing foreign-language SEO).

Second, updates show the world you company is busy. Your company’s website is a great way to let clients know about new services being developed or new products that are being tested, to announce new additions to your staff, or publicize sponsorship of a community event.  New content tells your customers and the world that your company is getting on with business.  


So how do you keep website content fresh?

Add a Blog (or Podcast, Vidcast). A blog is a great way of adding new content to your website. A blog doesn't need new articles every day, but weekly posts would be a good idea. Keep the blog focused on your business. You can discuss a news item that relates to your industry. Or you could write about upcoming events or conferences. If you’ve got a great voice, or have great charisma on screen, consider a podcast or vidcast.

Add a news section. Companies are always hives of activity: gaining a new business contract, purchasing a new piece of machinery, participating in a community fundraiser, adding more business hours. This might all seem like conducting ordinary business, and not necessarily 'newsworthy', but it still constitutes new and interesting information.

Include client testimonials. Your company likely already tracks your customer's feedback. Why not include this in your website? This provides new content and does an excellent job of showcasing your great products and services. New customers will be reassured by reviews from satisfied customers.

Remember that what applies to the English-language version of your website, applies equally to the foreign-language version. Don't make the mistake of having your website translated only to leave it to fall by the wayside. Drive internet traffic to your translated website with new translated content.

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