Translation Process

For every translation job we follow the principle:

“The Right translator doing the right job right”

Step 1. When you are choosing a language solution provider, you could either fill in a Quote form>> on our website or Contact us>> to get assistance and have your questions answered.

We will ask you to upload a short sample of your text to evaluate scope of work as languages of translation, theme of the document, language specialization, quantity (words, documents, drawings, etc.) and your required delivery date, in addition to any specific instructions will influence the cost of translation job.

Step 2.   Depending on the complexity of your translation project it takes us from a few hours to one business day to evaluate your job and find the right translator and proofreader. You will receive a quote by email or by phone. When you are ready to confirm your order, we will create an account for you in our system online, where you could upload your files for translation, review work progress, communicate with our translators about your project, and download completed translations.  

Step 3. When you confirm the quote, our project manager selects the right translators for your job and prepares an order specification which will be used later by translators, proofreaders, and designers. Our translators are notified about your new job and are given access to your files in their accounts on our system. Your translator usually starts working on your project within one hour. When the work of the first translator is done, a notification is sent to the next stage - proofreading and the consultation of specialists if necessary. During the whole process our translators and profreaders use a provided glossary and translation memory or develop one to ensure uniformity in the style of terminology.

It does not matter how many translators, proofreaders or consultants are involved in your projects – the workflow is organized to ensure an easy, convenient, and timely translation process. If translators have any specific questions about your project, they are able to ask you directly to avoid any ambiguities. After translation is completed by a translator, we usually have it double checked by a proofreader to ensure impeccable quality of translation.

Step 4. After all steps of translation have been completed, you will receive a notification. You can log into your account to upload your translated files. Alternatively we could also deliver your files by mail or fax. Within 7 days after accepting the translated work our project manager will keep working with you to make changes if you wish to make any, and will provide assistance with invoicing and customer support.

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